Would you like to know more about the world's major religion history, beliefs, practices and holy days? Would you like to take the first step toward feeling more cultured and knowledgeable by learning the origins of Buddhism, Hinduism Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.? Multi-faith Holy Days App has all that and much more.

This app lists ten major religions and has a multitude of information about it including significance of holy days. It's the perfect app for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable and informed in the increasingly diverse world of today!

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A Bohra must - have

by Zainab N - 15 Jan-2013

Excellent app - simple, user friendly and handy! Thank you!

Talk about Deen&Duniya

by American Bohra

This app does a wonderful job of allowing me to efficiently manage my calendar and balance religious events with daily life. The sync option is wonderful with ical and is great for students and working adults!

I've only had this for a week so far - but already, I've used it so many times to reference dates in the future. Too often do I commit to something and later realize that it conflicts with a religious event. Yes, our communities may offer paper calendars - but this is a lot more handy and allows you to schedule on the spot!

If you are an on the go, organized, working Bohri student - like myself - I can guarantee the utility of this app!

Great app

by Sybfox - 15 Jan-2013

This is a great app that goes alongside NamazTimes, Having the prayers and niyats (also in transliteration - very helpful) Further Development is required.


by Abbas Nurbhai - 15 Jan-2013

Absolutely brilliant, worth having especially niyats and calendar synchronisation.

ALL in on App

by Mazzeratiali - 15 Jan-2013

Perfect for the 21st Century bohra!

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